Hot Bite Mahi-mahi

Hello Fish Fans,  Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and the  St. Lucie Inlet Offshore Fishing Report. 2E169EE6-0D9E-4C8C-A698-E6427C105E35
The dolphin bites been red hot on most days with a few kingfish, tuna and sailfish in the mix. On most days we’re catching 5 to 10 mahi-mahi with a red hot bite catching 33 yesterday. Most of the mahi action has been in less than 150’ of water. Unfortunately so are packs of Bonita and false albacore from Jupiter to Ft. Pierce  in 80 to 220’ of water. Bring lots of bait, you’re gonna need it. C74F6368-2F55-4355-B9E8-92998C5EAC97
There’s scattering of big blackfin tuna of 15 to 25 pounds. They’re not stacked up anywhere but most of our tuna bites have been in 140-180’ of water from Jupiter to Ft. Pierce.
The best of the kingfish bite is 10 to 15 miles north of the inlet but should be out front within a week or two. CABD1E92-2931-475D-B340-B2EA2A0C412B
The sailfish bites been tough so far this month but Pat on the Daymaker had a hot bite a few days ago and caught 8. The sailfish bite will  improve as the threadfins and sardines move in.
The offshore fishing is excellent right now so give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m. Call or text Captain Wayne 772-341-6609 and check out our 40’ Cabo Express with Seakeeper Stabilization  on our website 70728B7F-EEF6-4D50-BCCD-E55E3A00AA44

Happy New Year

Hello Fish Fans,  Happy New Year and welcome aboard the Reel Busy. Heavy winds and sporty seas associated with the cold fronts has limited our trips but the catching has been excellent in-between the fronts. F89B3857-FBF8-4C4F-9C7F-37994FE60EEF
Packs of mahi-mahi are providing most of the action. Most of the mahi-mahi we’re catching are 7 to 10 pounds with a few 12 to 18 pounds in the mix.
The sailfish bites been good as of late but not red hot. We’re getting 2 or 3 sailfish bites on most days but the best it yet to come.117BBB4F-DA8F-4C1A-B4C6-24EF806BF7A2

Sailfish, mahi-mahi and kingfish will continue to provide most of the action with a few blackfin tuna and wahoo in the mix.
The wind and seas are settling this weekend and conditions are looking great next week. We’ll be catching fish and you can too just give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m.
Call or text Capt. Wayne 772-341-660962C6618E-22FC-4E25-A9F8-A24C7D2D8527