Gotta Get Lucky

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The dolphin bite continues to be hit & miss and you gotta get lucky.

We’ve been catching some 10 to 20 pound dolphin but they’ve been scattered about like the weeds, all over the place.  Some days you get lucky and other days not so much. Westerly winds and a screaming gulfstream current has kept the vast majority of the dolphin on the eastern side of the gulfstream.  The strong easterly breezes this week should push more slammer dolphin to the western side of the gulfstream.  KIMG0740_02

There’s been a few sailfish scattered about. We catch a couple sailfish one day and don’t see another sail for a day or two. As the easterly winds settle back down and the weed lines form up, sailfish, dolphin and wahoo should be eager to play the game.

There continues to be a decent wahoo bite. They’re scattered about but we’ve had our best bite from Stuart to Jupiter from 140′ to 240′ of water. Starting to see a few smoker kings off the Loran Tower Ledges and few snakes from the 6 mile to the 8 mile reef. KIMG0727_01

There was a few blackfin tuna showing up on the current edges last week so they should be showing up on Push Button Hill reel soon.

Had a great time on a two day Bahamas Fishing Adventure last week catching slammer dolphin, tuna and wahoo. Now’s the time to customize your Bahamas Fishing adventure aboard the REEL BUSY. Take your pick or do it all…Deep Dropping for yellow eye and queen snapper or trolling for dolphin, wahoo, billfish and tuna or running and gunning for yellow fin tuna, yellow tailing or mutton fishing the islands and reefs. KIMG0731_02

Stuart Florida or the Bahamas we’ll hook you up with a great time on the water catching fish. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609

A Couple of Slammers

Hello Fish Fans and welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The dolphin fishing continues to improve and we’re starting to see a few slammer dolphin pushing through.

It was a slow pic most of the week and we only caught 4 dolphin yesterday but a pair of slammer dolphin made the day. The cow piled in first and a 23 lb. bull dolphin piled on next. The dolphin fishing will continue to improve in the coming days and there’ll be some monster dolphin caught in the coming weeks. KIMG0711_02

We’ve had 1 or 2 wahoo bites on the planner rod most days. We caught a small wahoo or wehoo yesterday and pulled off a big wahoo in the wash. There’s not many kingfish around the reefs and the blackfin tuna have yet to pile up on Push Button Hill.

Another front’s pushing through today and we hope to find a few more slammer dolphin when we get back on the water on Tuesday. We’ve got a couple days open next week so give us a call and get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609KIMG0717_01

Starting to Show

Hello Fish Fans and welcome aboard the REEL BUSY.  The dolphin fishing was pitifully slow again last week but they finally starting to show up yesterday. It wasn’t red hot but we came home with 5 dolphin of 5 to 8 pounds, lost a few and released a few peanuts. My Other Honey fished today and caught 6 dolphin.

The tuna haven’t started moving back onto the hill yet but they will and it won’t be long. There’s been a few cobia and kingfish on the reefs and wrecks and this too should get a whole lot better reel soon. There’s a few sailfish scattered about and as the bait returns to the wrecks we’ll have a few more sailfish hanging around to play the game.

Looks like it’s time to catch some fish so get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and let’s go catch’em. Call Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609