Ready for Springtime Fishing

Hello Fish Fans and welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The multiple cold fronts of March have only let us get offshore a few times a week. We’ve had a few good days since our last report but some days we’re pitifully slow for this time of year. Hopefully todays front is the last of them and we’ll get back to catching our springtime fish. Sailfish, dolphin, tuna, kingfish, cobia and wahoo. KIMG0700_02

The sailfish bites been pitifully slow on most days but they’re still scattered about and any day can be a great day. We caught and released 6 sailfish on a 3/4 day last week and never saw one on the other 3 days we fished. We should get one or two in the spread on most days in April and any day can be a great day. KIMG0701_01

The  dolphin bites been hit and miss. We only had one double digit dolphin day and threw back half of them. There’s been allot of mini mahi and schoolsize dolphin but only a few heavy lifters or gaffers. Overall the dolphin  bites been pitifully slow on most days. The good news is April’s just around the corner and that’s prime time dolphin fishing off the coast of Stuart. KIMG0670_01

The blackfin tuna that started showing up earlier this month all but disappeared. There’s been a few scattered about the last couple of weeks and they’ll be back in numbers as soon as the waters warm up a bit.

The cold fronts have kept the kingfish population down south and they’ll migrate up the coast in April as the waters warm up again. There’s been a few kingfish scattered about the usual spots but should be good in the coming weeks.

The wahoo bites not red hot but we’ve been catching one here and there, especially around the full moon.

The cobia started to show up and when the wind and seas stay settled for more than a few days packs of cobia will start hanging around the reefs and wrecks. KIMG0676_01

With a slow bite on the troll we spent some time bottom fishing on a couple of our charters. The deep water snapper bites been excellent when the currents not screaming. Vermillion snapper are big and plentiful out deep but you’ll earn them fishing in 300 feet of water. Moving into the 100 foot reefs we bent the rods catching, venting and releasing a couple dozen genuine red snapper. Sure would’ve been nice to keep a few for dinner. KIMG0683_01

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Too Sporty to Fish this week

Hello Fish Fans and welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. We we’re lucky enough to get offshore a few times last week and caught sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, tuna and wahoo. The wind and seas got all fired up last weekend and it’s been a bit too sporty for fishing since. The inlet has been impassable the last couple of days with 8 to 12 foot swells breaking across the mouth of the inlet. Hope to get back out this weekend to catch some fish.

There’s been a few sailfish scattered about and we’re getting 1 or 2 sailfish bites on most days. As the bait starts finding it’s way back to the reefs and wrecks there’ll be more sailfish eager to play the game.KIMG0668_01

The dolphin bite slowed to a crawl last week as this last front approached and 2 of the dolphin we caught were mini dolphin. Most of the dolphin have been 5 to 10 pounds and there’s been a few 20 to 30 pound dolphin in the mix. Should be a good dolphin bite when the wind and seas settle back down.KIMG0605_01

The blackfin tuna have started showing up from the loran tower ledge to push button hill. Most of the blackfins are 5 to 10 pounds but we always catch a few pushing 20 pounds during the spring.

There’s been a few wahoo scattered about from the loran tower ledge to the 8 mile reef. We caught one on the hill and one off the loran tower last week. Now’s the time for Stuart Florida Wahoo Fishing so put out some wire and go catch’m.

Small kingfish and a few cobia are starting to show up on the reefs and wrecks. Expect to see more kingfish and cobia as the seas settle down and the bait moves in. KIMG0608_02

Springtime fishing off the coast of Stuart Fl. is good to excellent on most days so get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and catch fish. Call Capt. Wayne 772-341-6609 or