Busy Boys

Graham sent in some great photos of a few trips recently with Billy, Finn, John and Jack.  Looks like they are having a lot of fun and success out on the ocean.  Great job guys and keep it up.


“Fun trip out of Stuart fished in 1100 feet straight out front – on 9/19/2015”



“Graham mutton on the sand pile ”




“Jack,Graham, and Finn – jacks first keeper lobster”



“Graham and Finn – this fish was in 75′ of water off of somone’s  birthday balloons which we later picked up – out of Jupiter on 9/12/2015”



“John, Graham, and Finn – Fun day out of stuart”



Mutton Time

Plenty of live bait to be had outside the inlet.  Went out deep for dolphin about 17-20 miles straight out…only found throwback peanuts and small tripletails under a 6′ piece of bamboo.  Some small weed lines but nothing holding fish for me.  Heard plenty of reports of dolphin but not for me this day.

Decided to head back in to the 6 mile reef for some bottom fishing.  Ended up with these 3 mutton snapper and plenty of other reef fish.  Weather and waves were decent and made for a nice sunday afternoon and tasty dinner.