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Two Boats Big Dolphin

Hello Fish Fans, Reel Busy Charters is now offering two boats. The Reel Busy is now a 34’ Venture and the second boat is the 50’ Ocean Super Sport “ FIRST DRAW “.  Stop by Pirate’s Cove and check out our two new fishing machines. 86A0BF12-E239-4A9B-AD5D-F99209E11C8A1A1AF08E-2E9B-4CE0-AC05-216B774E7BF1
The dolphin fishing has been pitifully slow for this time of year. That being said we’ve caught some nice gaffer dolphin on a few trips. Last week we caught a 39 Lb Bull Dolphin with a 25 Lb cow and a couple 6-8 Lb dolphin in the mix. The fronts keep coming and weeds are scattered about so it’s been hit and miss on the catching.
There’s been a decent sailfish bite along the reef. Live baits and patience has been the key but if you put the time in you’ll catch a couple.
Bigger kingfish are showing up around the reefs and wrecks from Stuart to Ft. Pierce. Decent bite on the troll but live bait and wire rigs have delivered plenty of action. 28609129-14C3-4715-8849-840EBF100537
The blackfin tuna haven’t stack up on the hill but there’s been a decent tuna bite on most days from 120-180’ of water out front of the inlet.
The catching has been hit and miss but when the fronts stop pushing through and the weed lines start forming up we should get back to normal.
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Dolphin Bite Continues

Hello Fish Fans, The Dolphin bites been fair to good the last few weeks but the sailfish bite continues to be disappointing. With temperatures in the upper 30’s and 40’s last week I was hoping to see more sailfish action. B60E610B-E9F8-4F1D-A7BD-07C08E887E40
We’ve been catching allot of small dolphin with a handful of 8 to 12 pound dolphin in the mix.  We’ve been lucky enough to catch 3 to 5 on the slow days, 8 to 12 on the good days so pack a little patience you might need it. 574E3EF1-A5D3-4034-B0E0-07DFFE7412E0
With just a pick of sailfish, kingfish and tuna it’s nice to catch a few dolphin in between the false albacore and bonita bites.
Any day can be a great day this time of year and you don’t know unless you go so give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m. Call or text Captain Wayne, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609 90A60E4F-1329-447B-BA00-F5F240086554

Hot Bite Mahi-mahi

Hello Fish Fans,  Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and the  St. Lucie Inlet Offshore Fishing Report. 2E169EE6-0D9E-4C8C-A698-E6427C105E35
The dolphin bites been red hot on most days with a few kingfish, tuna and sailfish in the mix. On most days we’re catching 5 to 10 mahi-mahi with a red hot bite catching 33 yesterday. Most of the mahi action has been in less than 150’ of water. Unfortunately so are packs of Bonita and false albacore from Jupiter to Ft. Pierce  in 80 to 220’ of water. Bring lots of bait, you’re gonna need it. C74F6368-2F55-4355-B9E8-92998C5EAC97
There’s scattering of big blackfin tuna of 15 to 25 pounds. They’re not stacked up anywhere but most of our tuna bites have been in 140-180’ of water from Jupiter to Ft. Pierce.
The best of the kingfish bite is 10 to 15 miles north of the inlet but should be out front within a week or two. CABD1E92-2931-475D-B340-B2EA2A0C412B
The sailfish bites been tough so far this month but Pat on the Daymaker had a hot bite a few days ago and caught 8. The sailfish bite will  improve as the threadfins and sardines move in.
The offshore fishing is excellent right now so give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m. Call or text Captain Wayne 772-341-6609 and check out our 40’ Cabo Express with Seakeeper Stabilization  on our website 70728B7F-EEF6-4D50-BCCD-E55E3A00AA44

Happy New Year

Hello Fish Fans,  Happy New Year and welcome aboard the Reel Busy. Heavy winds and sporty seas associated with the cold fronts has limited our trips but the catching has been excellent in-between the fronts. F89B3857-FBF8-4C4F-9C7F-37994FE60EEF
Packs of mahi-mahi are providing most of the action. Most of the mahi-mahi we’re catching are 7 to 10 pounds with a few 12 to 18 pounds in the mix.
The sailfish bites been good as of late but not red hot. We’re getting 2 or 3 sailfish bites on most days but the best it yet to come.117BBB4F-DA8F-4C1A-B4C6-24EF806BF7A2

Sailfish, mahi-mahi and kingfish will continue to provide most of the action with a few blackfin tuna and wahoo in the mix.
The wind and seas are settling this weekend and conditions are looking great next week. We’ll be catching fish and you can too just give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m.
Call or text Capt. Wayne 772-341-660962C6618E-22FC-4E25-A9F8-A24C7D2D8527

The Bite is On

Hello Fish Fans,  Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The offshore fishing was excellent this week and hope to see more of the same this month. 61587CD4-18A4-4B71-81C4-2EABBEAFE9DA
The dolphin bites been great and they’re coming through in packs tearing it up. We had a some quiet time yesterday but ended up with a dozen dolphin from 7 to 17 pounds and a sailfish. D5041B93-312E-4B53-BC16-D00B5AF5D13A

The sailfish are migrating through so any day can be a great day. On most days you can expect   at least a couple sailfish bites but cross paths with a pack or two the doubles and triples add up fast. 1BBA87BC-709C-4685-AD24-3F3301646743

The blackfin tuna have been hit and miss but most of the blackfins we’ve been catching have been 15 to 25 pounds. Always nice to add a couple of tunas to a fish box full of dolphin.
There’s been a few kingfish around the reefs and wrecks but not stacked up yet as they will be in the next couple of weeks. D5B15DAD-5259-487A-831C-5ABE1A6ADCBD

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Break in the Wind

Hello Fish Fans, The winds been blowin for almost 2 weeks now but we’re finally catching a break. Should be a good bite and the forecast has a weather window from Friday the 13th thru the 17th. D3F15A36-14D9-437A-A8FC-8D4AB9EB67A8
Should be an excellent dolphin bite with sailfish, tuna, kingfish and wahoo in the mix. The water temperature is dropping and the fall migration is underway so any day can be a great day. 1029C892-DBFB-45A4-BEE3-732C129D29C4
Now’s the time to get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters for a great day on the water catching fish. Everybody loves the new Reel Busy and it’s Seakeeper stabilization so give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m! Captain Wayne Brodeur  772-341-6609 www.reelbusycharters. com87562D07-3C85-4F65-A46B-383AD58255ADB2042593-FFAC-40DB-8DE1-AE5A11718621

Decent Dolphin Fishing

Hello Fish Fans and welcome aboard the Reel Busy. The dolphin fishing’s been decent but still a bit inconsistent. Catch 8 for 12 on a 1/2 day and struggle to catch a couple on a 3/4 day the next. The dolphin fishing will continue to improve this month so get offshore and catch a few dolphin for dinner. 028E8DA5-EDC0-4015-BF29-944D8382CC48
Not much of a sailfish bite this week but I expect a few more sailfish showing up next week with the moon.
They haven’t been plentiful by know means but there’s a few big blackfin tuna of 15 to 25 pounds caught on most days on the current edges. E9FA9DE5-168D-44F2-98BB-9BD0C208266E
The full moon in November usually brings a good wahoo bite and there’s a few around. Pat on Daymaker Charters caught a nice one yesterday on the troll. It’s always nice to throw a wahoo in the box next to a few dolphin, you gotta love it.
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Great Start Fall Fishing

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our offshore fishing report. Fall fishing is off to a great start and we’re catching sailfish, dolphin, kingfish and tuna. The summer sailfish bite was off the chain again this year and the fall fish are starting to show up. We caught 2 out of 3 Sunday and the one yesterday was a day maker for a first timer. 2067C825-8064-40FB-AB7C-A0B66F9BDD00 The dolphin fishing was hit and miss throughout the summer months but the fall fish are moving in and we’ve been catching 3 to 5 on most of our Stuart Florida fishing charters. We had an unbelievable day on Sunday and total mayhem a couple of times catching 15 dolphin all 7 to 10 pounds. The dolphin fishing should be good to excellent for the next several weeks just 5 to 7 miles off the beach. D7CD4AC2-A3A6-447D-9899-64FEF4096E2D594522CD-3441-4A8A-AB3B-38E22EC7DCD0 The blackfin tuna that stack up on Push Button Hill were only here for a couple weeks this year. The good news is we’re catching some big blackfins of 20 to 30 pounds just 6 to 7 miles off the beach. We only caught one yesterday but at 25 pounds there was plenty of sushi for all. 53B9952B-AC3A-4D64-B348-6823715DBA2E Whether your a Floridian or a snow bird get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and catch the bounty you desire. Sailfish, dolphin, tuna, wahoo and kingfish are all eager to play the game this fall. Call or text Captain Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 Let’s Go Catch’m! The new Reel Busy equipped with Seakeeper Stabilization is an unbelievably comfortable fishing machine. Check it out at .  9635D0F1-3BDB-4CD9-9D00-E30DA02DBB303ABB7158-3180-4AAE-AAF8-049D5740BD2F4817FD5D-B3B4-4EBB-B203-4A8EC0527CAB

Summer Sailfish and Mahi Mahi

Hello fish Fans,  Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and to our Stuart Florida Fishing Report. Sailfish and Mahi are the main attraction right now and we’re also catching tuna, kingfish and wahoo. IMG_1763

The summer sailfish bite has been excellent on most days for the last few weeks. We’ve been catching 3 to 5 sailfish on most of our sailfish charters and caught 9 a couple days ago. The sailfish bite should continue to be good to excellent so give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m. IMG_1754

The dolphin / mahi mahi fishing has been hit and miss. They’ve been scattered about like the weeds and scattered weeds has made for challenging to fish. We fished a bit further offshore in the deeper waters of the gulfstream  a few days ago and caught 25 dolphin,  jumping off another dozen. The best dolphin bite on most days will be in the deeper waters of the gulfstream from 15 to 25 miles offshore.IMG_1746

We’ve been catching a few blackfin tuna of 15 to 25 pounds but they’ve been scattered about. Kingfish and false albacore are abundant on the reef line providing some action in-between the sailfish bites. Now’s a great time to get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and catch fish. Give us a call and Let’s Go Catch’m.

I’ll be back reel soon with another fishing report from Stuart Florida, Sailfish Ca[ital of the World. Catch you later, Captain Wayne 772-341-6609IMG_1638IMG_1760IMG_1708

Mixed Bag Tunas, Mahi’s and Sailfish

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Offshore Fishing Report. The last few weeks has been as  unpredictable as the weather report. The sailfish, dolphin and tuna have turned on and off from day to day and taking turns playing the game.

The sailfish were scattered about as expected and starting to show up for the summer bite a few weeks ago. The sailfish bite turned on last week should be good to excellent on most days through July. The bites been shallow and the sailfish have been plentiful so enjoy the calmer seas of summer and the summer sailfish bite. IMG_1518

The blackfin tuna that usually stack up on Push Button Hill in April have finally arrived so I thought. I’ve been checking the  hill for blackfins about once a week for weeks with very little action. We had an excellent blackfin bite on the hill last week but it shut down over the weekend. On Friday we caught a few blackfins before catching a wahoo and watching a white marlin tearing them up. The bite shut down and they moved off the hill but they’ll be back reel soon. IMG_1556

The dolphin bite has been good, excellent and non-existent the last few weeks. We’ve had days with so much weed scattered about that finding fishable water and dolphin was a challenge. We’ve also had days the weed lines were formed up with large patches and dolphin are plentiful. For the most part the best dolphin bite has been shallow from 80′ to 150′ of water with school size dolphin of 4 to 8 pounds. IMG_1532

There’s been plenty of kingfish, bonito and amberjack to bend the rods around the reefs and wrecks when the sailfish, dolphin and tuna don’t want to play the game. IMG_1561

Get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters and the new Reel Busy. This 40′ CABO EXPRESS with Seakeeper Stabilization and AC inside and out is the perfect offshore charter boat for summertime fishing off the coast of Stuart Florida and the Bahamas. The Bahamas is opening back up for fishing on July1st so give us a call and book your Bahamas Fishing Adventure.  Catch you later, Captain Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609 www.reelbusycharters.comIMG_1524