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Hot to Not

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing report. The Mahi Mahi bite shut down last week and the Mahi bites were few and far between. We got lucky and found a few on most of our charters but it was a disappointing week of Mahi fishing overall.

There was a few Blackfin Tuna on Push button Hill but most of them too small to mess with. The gulfstream current slowed to a crawl last week so there’s wasn’t much squid and baitfish being pushed up into the water column which holds the Blackfins on the hill.

There was a few Wahoo bites reported and as the full moon of April approaches the Wahoo bite should improve. It’s a good time of year break out the planner or downrigger while Mahi fishing or high speed trolling for Wahoo.

Most of the Cobia took the week off as well. There was a few caught but it was hit and miss on both the Donaldson Reef and the Sand Pile.

There’s a few Sailfish around and there was a decent Sailfish bite to the south towards Jupiter last week. There wasn’t much going on over the weekend but there was several reports of 3 to 5 releases earlier in the week.

We look forward to getting back out there tomorrow and hope to find a better bite. We’ll see you on the water, Capt. Wayne Brodeur Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609 IMGP0500


Mahi Mahi Action

Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report.  The Mahi Mahi bite’s been excellent on the current edges in 180 to 280 feet of water. The edges are well defined and holding allot of small Mahi’s from 3 to 5 pounds. We had a few 7 to 10 pound Mahi’s in the mix but didn’t see any 20 pounders last week. The Mahi fishing should continue to be good to excellent and bigger mahi’s are on the way so get out there and catch’em.

The Blackfin Tuna have started showing up on Push Button Hill but there moving on and off the hill so it’s been inconsistent. The schools of Blackfin vary in size so one day they were all 3 to 4 pounds and the next day they’re all 6 to 8 pounds. There’s not allot of 15 to 20 pound Blackfins caught on Push Button Hill but most of the big ones are caught between now and the end of April.

The Cobia have arrived and are hanging around the Sand Pile and Donaldson Reef. There’s been decent numbers of Cobia around for a week or so but there’s more 30 to 40 pound Cobia showing up now. We haven’t seen any Manta Rays cruising the reefs with Cobia in tow but we saw another Manta Ray free jumping offshore yesterday.

Stuart Florida Fishing is fired up and you can take your pick : Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Kingfish and Cobia, it’s all good. We’ll see you on the water, Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609  IMGP0514


Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and our St. Lucie Inlet fishing report. Stuart Florida fishing’s been good but the sea conditions have been a bit too sporty the last week or so. The coldest front of the year is pushing through over the next 24 hours and we look forward to a good bite as the conditions settle down a bit.

There’s been plenty of threadfins east/southeast of the inlet in 40 to 50 feet of water. They’re mixed in with horn bellies but if you keep your sabiki rig about 15 feet deep, above the horn bellies you’ll catch more threadfins and less horn bellies.

The dolphin or mahi mahi bite’s been good on most days off the loran tower ledges. The color change has been drifting in and out with the shifting winds so some days we’ve had our best bite in 140 feet to 180 feet and other days it’s been over 300 feet of water. Most of the dolphin have been 5 to 10 pounds but we’ve caught several over 20 pounds this month.

The sailfish bite’s been hit & miss and we’ve been lucky enough to catch 1 or 2 on most of our charters but there hasn’t been a red hot sailfish bite this year. Hopefully this latest cold front will fire them up and we’ll see a few more sailfish next week.

There’s plenty of kingfish and bonita on the reefs & wrecks and with all the bait near shore the cobia fishing should fire up by the end of the month. There’s been a few cobia scattered about the spots but the best cobia fishing is yet to come.

We’ll be back in about 10 days with another St. Lucie Inlet fishing report from the Reel Busy.  Capt. Wayne Brodeur, 772-341-6609                                      002