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Lovin The Bounty

A9FB4897-ABC7-40CB-89F4-5CFF87851075AAD22108-11CB-4BE5-8B4E-055002D76AF9Hello Fish Fans, Great to be back on the water yesterday despite the sporty sea conditions. Lovin the new boat THE BOUNTY and if it weren’t for the Seakeeper we probably would have been tied to the dock with the rest of the charter fleet. The morning bite was slow but finished up with 3 dolphin out of 4 bites. We caught 1 sailfish, jumped another off and missed a 3rd bite. Packs of flying fish are showing up and packs of sailfish and dolphin won’t be far behind. Stop by Pirates’s Cove Resort and Marina and check out our new fishing machine where the Reel Busy used to sit. We look forward to hooking you up with a great day on the water catching fish aboard THE BOUNTY. Catch you later, Captain Wayne give us a call 772-341-6609 or visit us at www.the bounty sportfishing.com8074EC93-37F3-4D82-9E2C-CED058ABB6F1


The Bounty Sportfishing

Hello Fish Fans, We had allot of fun fishing aboard The REEL BUSY and look forward to taking you fishing on our new fishing machine. THE BOUNTY is a state of the art 42′ Viking Express equipped with SEAKEEPER technology for maximum comfort at sea. DSC_0011She’s bigger, faster, wider and has all the toys I could wish for.  We’re still at Pirates Cove Resort and Marina in the same slip so stop by and check it out. DSC_0023Check out our new website at The website will continue to evolve over the coming weeks but we’re locked and loaded and ready to hook you up with a great day on the water catching fish. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne 772-341-6609 THE BOUNTY SPORTFISHING.COM DSC_0007DSC_0009


Sailfish, Dolphin and Tuna

Hello Fish Fans, The fishing’s been good off the coast of Stuart Florida and the Bahamas. Sailfish, dolphin and tuna are providing the action off the coast of Stuart.

The blackfin tuna that stack up on Push Button Hill finally showed up in June. They’re all footballs from 4 to 8 pounds but it’s always nice to put a few fish in the box before we head out to the deeper waters of the gulfstream for dolphin. IMG_0481

There’s been a few dolphin closer to shore but we’ve had our best bite 15 to 20 miles offshore in 650 to 850 feet of water. There’s allot more dolphin out there this time of year. Most of the dolphin are schooling size of 4 to 7 pounds but there’s a few gaffers in the mix. IMG_0489

On the Bahamas side we’ve had an excellent Blackfin Tuna bite. They’re stacked up on both sides of the corner and we caught blackfins up to 28 pounds so far this year. The temperature breaks have been well north of the Bahama Bank so we haven’t been chasing yellowfins. Hopefully next weekend we’ll find closer temperature breaks and cash in on the yellowfin tuna. The deep dropping and reef fishing has been excellent as usual on the Bahama Bank. Queen Snapper, Yellow Eye snapper and grouper every night for dinner is the norm on a Bahamas Fishing Adventure.IMG_0498

We pick up our new fishing machine on Monday and I can’t wait to take you fishing on THE BOUNTY. Our 42′ Viking Express is bigger, faster and has Seakeeper stabilization for maximum comfort. Get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters for a great day on the water catching fish. Call or Text  Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609. IMG_0441


Springtime Dissapointment

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet fishing Report. The dolphin bite was disappointing this spring. We had some good days but never seem to have the red hot dolphin bite that we’re accustom to in April and May. The dolphin bite was good to excellent on the Bahamas side of the gulfstream but just a pick on the Stuart side of the stream for the last six weeks. Hopefully the easterly breezes we’ve had the last week will push more dolphin our way and we’ll have a good dolphin bite in June.IMG_0396

The blackfin tuna that usually stack up on Push Button Hill during the spring still haven’t showed up in numbers. There’s been a few big blackfins scattered about from 115 feet to 180 feet of water. Scattered weeds have made the hill unfishable for much of the last six weeks and not very productive when it was clean enough to fish it. Hopefully they’ll start moving on to the hill in the coming days. IMG_0361

The sailfish bite turns on and off this time of year but there’s been a decent sailfish bite on most days. They’ve been picky but id f you put out some live baits and wait them out you’ll probably catch a couple. IMG_0275

The winds forced modifications on most of our Bahamas Fishing Adventures in May but we had a great time catching fish. On the troll we caught dolphin, tuna, marlin and wahoo. The deep drop was productive as usual catching grouper, queen snapper and yelloweye snapper. The reef was alive as expected producing red, black and strawberry grouper with yellowtail, mutton snapper and big triggers in the mix. IMG_0329

Our new boat is a 42′ Viking Express called THE BOUNTY and it’s almost ready to take you fishing. The Seakeeper is being installed and we can’t wait to get our new sportfishing machine on the water.IMG_0333

I’ll be back reel soon with an update on the new boat and another offshore fishing report. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609IMG_0388




It’s Mahi Mahi Time

Hello Fish Fans, It’s been a tough month of fishing since our last St. Lucie Fishing Report. We’ve had some good days with some nice fish but there’s been days that were disappointing to say the least. The good news is we’re finally catching dolphin / mahi mahi on a regular basis. The constantly changing wind directions continue to keep the Sargasso weed scattered about so we’re fishing the wind rows and catching allot of weed in-between the dolphin bites. IMG_0018

There’s been allot of mini mahi’s but the gaffer dolphin of 10 to 25 pounds are finally showing up as they usually do this time of year. There’s been a few dolphin caught up to 47 pounds this month but we’re still waiting for our 40 to 50 pound dolphin. It’s mahi mahi time so get out there and catch a few.IMG_0182

The sailfish bite slowed to a crawl but it’s been pretty good the last week or so. It’s not red hot but we’re a getting 2 or 3 sailfish bites on most days. IMG_0007

The blackfin tuna still haven’t stacked up on Push Button Hill but there’s been a few big ones scattered about.  We haven’t been catching many but the ones we’ve caught have all been 12 to 25 pounds.IMG_0186

Most of our weekends are already booked through July but there’s still a couple left so give us a call and lock in your dates for a Bahamas Fishing Adventure or Stuart Florida Fishing Charter with Reel Busy Charters. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne 772-341-6609





A Mixed Bag

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. It’s been a mixed bag the last few weeks, some days good, some not so much and some days too sporty for fishing. KIMG1053_01

Sailfish are still pushing through in waves providing multiple hookups in-between the quiet time. We’ve been catching 3 to 5 sailfish on most days but when the seas flatten out it’s been a struggle to get 1 or 2 bites.  There’s still allot of sailfish upstate so we should continue to have a good sailfish bite for the next several weeks.

The dolphin/mahi mahi and blackfin tuna are starting to trickle in. We’re usually catching more dolphin and tuna this time of year so it won’t be long before they start showing up in numbers. Most of the dolphin have been 10 to 20 pounds but Capt. Pat Price on the Daymaker weighed one in last week of 44 pounds.

Manta Rays have been showing up from the St. Lucie Inlet to the Ft. Pierce Inlet and Cobia are showing up around the usual reefs and wrecks. The springtime fish are starting to show up and the winter fish are still hanging around so get offshore and catch some fish.KIMG1091_01

I’ll be back reel soon with another St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609


Plenty of Threadfins and a few more Sails

KIMG1040_02There was allot of quiet time but when the sailfish showed up there was several in the spread. The morning bite was on the slow side for us and we caught 1, lost one and had a couple that didn’t eat on both days. The afternoon bite also had some quiet time but we released  triple header the first day and released a triple out of quad the next.

There’s small packs of sailfish pushing through right now so some patience is required but when it goes off and three or four sailfish are dancing in the spread you’ll forget all about the quiet time.KIMG1040_01

There’s a few dolphin and tuna passing through but there’s been more sailfish than dolphin or tuna bites the last couple of days. We’ll get back offshore tomorrow and hope to find a few more packs of sailfish and a couple of dolphin for dinner. Give us a call and get hooked up with a great day on the water catching fish.KIMG1043_01

I’ll be back in a week or so with another offshore fishing report. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609




Few Sailfish and Dolphin

Hello Fish Fans, welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. Another inconsistent week of fishing with a few sailfish and dolphin in the mix. The packs of sailfish up to the north have yet to arrive but they’re starting to show up.

We had one day with 3 out of 4 sailfish and a couple of 15 pound blackfin tunas. The next day we never saw a sailfish but caught a few dolphin from 5 to 15 pounds. The sailfish seemed to bite every other day throughout the week and we’re catching a dolphin or two on all of our fishing charters. KIMG1032_02

There’s been double digit sailfish releases 50 miles north of the inlet the last couple of days so hang in there, the sailfish are coming. We’ve been catching sailfish, dolphin, tuna and kingfish so give us a call and let’s go catch’em. I’ll be back in 7 to 10 days with another offshore fishing report. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609 www.reelbusycharters.comKIMG1030_02





Get Hooked Up

Hello Fish Fans and welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The offshore fishing the last few weeks has been pitifully slow and weather cancellations have been abundant. The lack of cold fronts kept hundreds if not thousands of sailfish 80 to 100 miles north of the St. Lucie Inlet. There’s been a slow pick of sailfish, dolphin and kingfish but with rapid fire cold fronts the last two weeks there’s a red hot bite on the way.

Get hooked up with your favorite charter boat and take advantage of the weather window moving in. There’s been allot more bait showing up the last ten days and the fish are never too far behind. It looks like the wind and seas are settling a bit this weekend and the conditions are looking good till the next front rolls in next weekend.KIMG1014_01

Hope to be back with an awesome fishing report in 7 to 10 days. Good luck and we’ll catch you later. Capt. Wayne Brodeur, Reel Busy Charters 772-341-6609 www.reelbusycharters.comKIMG1016_02


Plenty of Kingfish

Hello Fish Fans and welcome to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. Thankfully there’s been plenty of Kingfish around to bend the rods because there’s  been allot of quiet time in-between the sailfish and dolphin bites.

The lack of cold fronts has apparently slowed the sailfish migration to a crawl.  We’ll catch a couple one day and be lucky to catch 0ne the next.  Hopefully the next cool front will push more sailfish into the neighborhood. KIMG0985_01

We’ve been catching a few dolphin but they’ve been hit and miss the last week or two. We’ll catch 4 or 5 one day and never see one the next.  There’s always a few dolphin around so I’d expect the dolphin bite to pick up again soon.KIMG0973_01

The fish tend to migrate through in waves this time of year so  I gotta believe we’ll have a better sailfish and dolphin bite this week. Happy New year, Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 KIMG0979_01