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Dolphin, Kingfish and Tuna

Hello Fish Fans and welcome aboard the REEL BUSY.  The wind laid down for a week or so and we’ve been catching dolphin, kingfish, tuna and sailfish.KIMG0633_01

The dolphin bite was good to excellent for most of the week catching a dozen one day and 13 the next. Most of the dolphin have been small with a few 8 to 12 pound gaffers in the mix. The bite went from hot to not on Sunday and more of the same on Monday. We expect to have a good to excellent dolphin bite again as the wind and seas settle back down next week. KIMG0637_02

The sailfish bite slowed to a crawl and it’s been just a pick for a week or two now. There’ll continue to be a few sailfish hanging around and catching 1 or 2 should be doable on most days. KIMG0643_02

Blackfin tuna and skipjack tuna have started to arrive on the current edge of the gulfstream and push button hill. Most of the blackfins we’ve been catching are 7 to 10 pounds but there’ll be 15 to 25 pound blackfins in the mix as we transition into springtime.KIMG0644_01

Small kingfish have moved onto the reefs and wrecks and they’re eager to play the game. Most of the kingfish right now are 5 to 10 pounds. The larger kingfish of 20 to 40 pounds will start showing up as we transition into spring.

We’ve yet to catch our first wahoo of the year but there’s 1 or 2 caught by somebody on most days. The cobia haven’t showed up in numbers yet but they’re on their way.

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More Dolphin, Still Catchin’ Sails

Hello Fish Fans, Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing report. Sailfish and dolphin have been providing most of the action offshore with kingfish and bonito in the mix. There’s been a few wahoo scattered about and an occasional blackfin tuna.

Sailfish, dolphin and kingfish will continue to play the game as we move towards spring. Blackfin tuna and wahoo will be more plentiful in the coming weeks and the cobia will show up on the reefs and wrecks as well. KIMG0616_02

It’s a great time of year for Stuart Florida Fishing so get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters or your favorite charter boat and catch some fish. The conditions look great this week and we’ve got a couple days open. Catch you later, Capt. Wayne 772-341-6609


Dolphin for Dinner and Dancing with Sails

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. The cold fronts of November/December have the sailfish migration on a roll. Sailfish and Dolphin have been eager to play the game so it’s dolphin for dinner and dances with sailfish. image

Packs of sailfish have begun pushing through so break out the dredges and enjoy the show. We deploy 2 streamer dredges of 39 streamers that look like a school of bait and when the sailfish light up behind the dredge it’s game on, you gotta love it.  The only thing better than a sailfish on the end of the line is a double or triple hookup. KIMG0561_01

The dolphin bite’s been good to excellent so there’s dolphin for dinner and filets for the freezer. We’ve been catching a few school size dolphin and a few pushing 20 pounds but most of the dolphin we’ve been catching are small to mid size gaffers of 8 to 12 pounds. KIMG0576_01

The main attraction this time of year is sailfish and dolphin but kingfish, bonito and wahoo have also moved into the neighborhood. We’ve got a few days open next week and sailfish/dolphin split charters available so give us a call and get hooked up with Reel Busy Charters. Catch you later. Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609 Check us out at www.reelbusycharters.comKIMG0566_02


Dolphin, Sailfish and Snappers

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. We’ve been catching Dolphin on most days, Sailfish on some days and Snappers when nothing else wants to play the game. Dirty water and a southbound current slowed the bite on the reefs but the waters cleaning up and there’s more catching going on.KIMG0526_01

The dolphin fishing slowed a bit last week and we’ve had no double digit catches since our last report. The weekend was a bit better catching five and seven from 5 to 15 pounds so there should be more catching going on this week. KIMG0528_01

There’s allot more sailfish showing up but we’ve seen more free jumpers and window shoppers than sailfish eager to play the game. One to Three releases have been the norm so far but they should get fired up reel soon. The sailfish tournaments get started this week with the Quicky at Fish Heads and the Pirates Cove Sailfish Classic. KIMG0524_02

We spend most of our days targeting sailfish, dolphin, tuna, wahoo and kingfish but we’ll be happy to hook you up with a bottom fishing trip catching snapper and grouper if that’s your preference.

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Catching Dolphin / Too Sporty

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report.  We’ve had a good catch of dolphin on all of our fishing charters this month but it’s been a bit too sporty for fishing this week. The conditions look to be settling down by the weekend and the dolphin and sailfish should be eager to play the game.KIMG0511_01

We’ve been catching a dozen or more dolphin on most days from 5 to 15 pounds. The dolphin fishing will continue to be good to excellent on most days and the weekly cool fronts should fire up the sailfish bite. KIMG0513_01

Sailfish and dolphin will be providing most of the action offshore with a scattering of bonito, kingfish, tuna and wahoo. Get hooked up with REEL BUSY CHARTERS and catch some fish. Check us out at  Capt. Wayne Brodeur 772-341-6609



Here Come the Dolphin

Hello Fish Fans, welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. There wasn’t much fishing aboard the REEL BUSY in September between hurricanes and the annual haul out for paint, wax and maintenance but we’re back on the water catching fish.KIMG0484_01

October started out on the slow side with a scattered pick of dolphin, sailfish, kingfish and tuna. The dolphin fishing picked up as the week went on last week and the fall run of dolphin has begun. KIMG0479_01

Yesterday we caught 15 dolphin up to 20 pounds and a sailfish. Most of the dolphin we’re 8 to 12 pounds with a few from 15 to 20 pounds. There’s still a few peanut dolphin in the deeper waters of the gulfstream but most of the larger dolphin we’ve been catching have been in 100 to 200 feet of water. KIMG0507_01

Early last week there was few jumbo blackfin tuna around of 15 to 25 pounds but haven’t heard or seen them since. The tuna will continue to pop up on and off throughout the fall along the edge of the gulfstream but don’t expect them to be stacked up on the hill as they do in the spring and summer months, they’ll be scattered about.

We’re still catching a few kingfish but mostly smaller snake kings, not as many smoker kings as we had a month or so ago.

There’s been a few Wahoo off the coast of Stuart/Jupiter but the reports from the Bahamas side has been excellent. It’s a great time of year for a two or three day West End Bahamas Adventure catching Wahoo. KIMG0492_02

The first sailfish to show up in the early sailfish migration are the smaller pups from 5 to 25 pounds. We caught our first pup yesterday of 5 to 10 pounds. We hate to handle sailfish to much and prefer to leave them in the water unless we need measurements for a mount. This little guy yesterday managed to jump into the spread and wrap up in another line so we quickly got him unwrapped and back in the water for the next angler to enjoy. KIMG0500_01

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Sails, Fins, Kings and Tunas

Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. Sailfish, kingfish and bonito continue to provide most of the action offshore. There’s been a slow pic of blackfin tuna on the hill and we’re starting to see a few more dolphin scattered about. sail

Sailfish, kingfish and bonita will continue to be eager to play the game on most days and the dolphin fishing will continue to improve as fall approaches.  kinggirl

Availability is not an issue this time of year so give us a call and let’s go catching. Call or text Capt. Wayne Brodeur at  772-341-6609



Sailfish and Kingfish

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report. Sailfish, kingfish and bonito have been providing most of the action with a few dolphin and tuna in the mix.

The summer sailfish bite was all fired up yesterday. We caught and released 5 out of 6 sailfish bites and headed back to the dock at 1pm.  Most of our sailfish action has been east and southeast of the inlet in 80 to 120 feet of water. We’ve had a good to excellent sailfish bite for most of July and August is off to an excellent start. The sailfish bite was excellent last August and we expect another red hot sailfish bite this month. sail-1

The blackfin tuna on the hill have been here today and gone tomorrow for most of the year. One day we can catch dozen or more in a couple hours and the next day be lucky to catch one or two.

The dolphin bite continues to be a struggle but there’s a few pushing through 12 to 18 miles off the inlet. We’ve been catching a few in 600 to 800 feet of water when we’ve ventured out deep but it’s hard to go hunting when the sailfish are all fired up just 5 to 6 miles off the inlet.

The kingfish bite’s been excellent and there’s a few cobia around the reefs and wrecks as well.

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Rosie's Muttons 2

Stuart Florida to Grand Cay Bahamas

Welcome aboard the Reel Busy and to our St. Lucie Inlet Fishing Report.  We’ve been bouncing back for forth with our Stuart Florida Fishing Charters and Bahamas Fishing Adventures to Grand Cay Bahamas.

On the Stuart side we’ve been catching sailfish, dolphin, tuna, kingfish, bonito, amberjacks, cobia, sharks and goliath grouper.

The blackfin tuna never really stacked up on the hill like they usually do but we’re catching 7 to 10 on most days. Most of the blackfins are football size of 4 to 6 pounds but there’s a few 8 to 12 pound tuna in the mix. KIMG0351_01

The sailfish bite slowed a bit before picking back up last week. There’s plenty of live bait around and it’s your best bet this time of year if you’re looking to catch a few sailfish. We’ve had our best action east/southeast of the inlet from 80 to 160 feet of water but sailfish are showing up around all the Stuart Florida Wrecks and Reefs.

The dolphin fishing continues to be hit and miss but there’s been a fair to good dolphin bite from 400 to 800 feet of water on most days. There’s been a few scattered dolphin closer to shore but the best dolphin bites been 10 to 20 miles offshore.

Kingfish and bonito are abundant around the reefs and wreck with amberjack and cobia in the mix. Yellowfin 1

On the Bahamas side we’ve been catching tuna, snapper and grouper. The tuna bites been good. We’re catching blackfin and skipjack tuna on every trip and yellowfin tuna on most of our trips. On the second day of our 3 day Bahamas Fishing Adventures we’ve been beating up mutton snapper from 10 to 20 pounds. Matt mutton

Light tackle fishing for muttons on the Bahama Bank is a must for all mutton enthusiasts.  We’re fishing 10 to 20 feet of water so the bull dogging runs of the muttons are awesome. Call Capt. Wayne and customize your Bahamas Fishing Adventure today 772-341-6609.Kristina Mutton

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Summer Sails, Dolphin, Tuna and Kingfish in the mix

Welcome aboard the REEL BUSY and to our St.  Lucie Inlet Fishing Report.  The red hot dolphin bite of May never happened this year. Sure we had some good days, but overall the dolphin bite was disappointing. We’ve been catching Sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, tuna, bonito and lucked out with a couple of wahoo. sail 4

The summer sailfish bite is going to be good again this year. We’re already catching one or two sailfish on most of our fishing charters. We’ve  found a good sailfish bite from the towers to the FPL in 80 to 120 feet of water but they’re scattered about and we’ve caught a couple sailfish out by the hill. KIMG0261The dolphin bites not red hot but we’ve been catching a few. The dolphin are scattered about just like the weeds, 80 feet, 180 feet 280 feet…   hopefully the winds will let the weed lines form up and we’ll have a fired up dolphin bite in June/July. patbtuna

The black fin tuna that usually stack up on Push Button Hill finally started showing up last week. It’s still hit and miss with a dozen one day and lucky to catch one or two the next. Most of these tuna are 4 to 6 pounds but we’ve had a couple in the 15/20 pound range so far.KIMG0284_01

The kingfish have shown up in force from the towers to the 8 mile along the reefs and wrecks. Most of them are 5 to 10 pounds but there’s a  few pushing 35/45 pounds. Bonitio, cobia and amberjack will also be found around the reefs and wrecks this time of year. KIMG0263Stuart Florida Fishing Charters and Bahamas Fishing Adventures call Capt. Wayne 772-341-6609